So why are we here, and what is our vision? OLAF is a group of young engineers and designers that sees a potential of bridging Web2 and Web3 through building an ecosystem for creators, innovators, and consumers by utilizing Solana blockchain.
Our vision is to create two separate platforms powered by Web2 and Web3 respectively.
A “Create 2 Earn” platform would enable consumers and businesses to find creative professionals to outsource projects and tasks, whereas the fashion marketplace would offer end-to-end solutions tailored to the untapped fashion market, including current and upcoming brands. Both platforms will accept fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and tokens of reputable projects. A percentage of all revenue streams will be shared among holders.
  • What are we actually planning to build?
  • Who is going to use our products and services?
  • How are we going to monetize our project?
  • What are the benefits for NFT holders?
We assure you that after going through our whitepaper and getting the answers to questions listed above, you will have a clear conviction whether this project is for you or not.
OLAF Roadmap v1 @ 2022