Fashion Marketplace

How are we different from others?

Our purpose at OLAF is to reinvent fashion for the betterment of all by making it more open, accessible, and engaging. Growing as a startup means cultivating and empowering Web2 and Web3 cultures, uniting behind the values that have brought us this far.
At its core, we are building a fashion marketplace that will onboard established Web2 clothing businesses, NFT projects and fashion enthusiasts.
OLAF Fashion Marketplace @ 2022
To begin with, we will be reselling designer clothes and will provide an opportunity to purchase them using tokens of reputable projects on Solana (e.g., $DUST, $FORGE, $MONKE, $FOXY, $BOO, $SIGHT etc.). That way, we will increase our own exposure and provide an additional utility for projects that have their token integrated in our platform as a purchasing mean.
Moving forward, we will deploy a web-based application form for businesses/projects that are interested to be listed on our marketplace.

Why would you want to list your clothing collection?

OLAF takes care of the payment process and customer service. We will accept fiat and cryptocurrencies.
You can even outsource the logistics and let OLAF do the shipping if you join the OLAF Fulfillment Services (OFS) program and store your products in our warehouses.
In this way, our partners benefit from an efficient stock management, packaging and shipping system, offering your customers a quality standard that is difficult to beat.
Let’s see some other advantages of selling on OLAF fashion marketplace:
  • Solve your digital problems. Your site where you can sell without spending on marketing or the web.
  • Security of payments. OLAF secures payments without you having to worry about it.
  • Controlled platform. OLAF controls and maintains the web platform daily.
  • Stock control. You can choose how much you want to sell to not overload yourself.
  • Free returns. OLAF does not charge a commission on those products that are returned.
Commissions for selling on OLAF vary depending on the product sold. In addition, we charge a monthly fee for selling on OLAF, except for the first 3 months.
There is no setup fee; the sales fee is a monthly subscription, plus a 5-12% commission on each product sold. This amount depends on the product category.

How will the marketplace operate?

Below you can find a logic/architecture of how will the marketplace operate from the seller's perspective:
OLAF Fashion Marketplace seller's logic v1 @ 2022
Below you can find a logic/architecture of how will the marketplace operate from the buyer's perspective:
OLAF Fashion Marketplace buyer's logic v1 @ 2022