Most people understand, at least in a general way, that the casino has the edge on all games. They might not be able to express what that means mathematically, but they know they come home a loser more often than they come home a winner. But the thrill of beating the odds – of winning when the odds are against you – is a hard head-rush to turn down.
And you can’t win in a casino if you don’t play. OLAF casino games are fun by design. And OLAF will do its best to make sure that every aspect of players' casino experience is fun, too.
We are hard-wired to try to risk something and win something. Casino is not the main niche/product of OLAF, rather an additional entertainment/revenue stream for Web3 enthusiasts and OLAF NFT holders. 90% of casino's revenue will be equally distributed on a weekly basis among holders of OLAF NFTs.
OLAF NFT Accessory Trait "Diamond" @ 2022
There will be several OLAF casino games:
  • Jackpot
  • Loot-boxes
  • Dice-games
OLAF will seek to bring the worlds of decentralized finance and casino gambling together by incorporating reasonable contracts into the gambling sector.
Below, you can find an iteration of OLAF casino suite's landing page.
OLAF Casino Suite @ 2022
More information will be shared on an ongoing basis.
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